New wafer paper flower tutorial and future goodies

After years of pondering, weeks of preparation and hours of edits, I am so happy to announce that I have made my first online tutorial for purchase.

wafer paperflowersFB

5 beautiful & simple wafer paper flowers is a downloadable pdf ebook available to purchase at Gumroad.

Learn all of the flowers featured on this cake!
Learn all of the flowers featured on this cake!

In the tutorial I show you how to make five different styles of wafer paper flowers, various buds for the centres, adding leaves, and colouring. By the end of the tutorial you should be equipped with the basic knowledge of how to work with wafer paper and construct flowers. With a bit of experimentation, you can go on to create your own variations and styles.

P1020818 copy

P1020617 copy

Over the years I have wanted to do more teaching, to share what I’ve learned and am constantly learning, and to inspire others to gain confidence in their own abilities. Running a full time bespoke cake design company has made that pretty difficult to achieve, and so at some point at the start of the year, I had a brainwave. A lot of my facebook likers and instagram followers are from all around the world, so how could I create something that could reach as many people as possible?


Online tutorials are the answer. My aim is to make a small series of pdf ebook style tutorials on some of the techniques that I love and am known for. I will add additional support material where I can for everyone that purchases one, such as short technique videos and additional tips.

Eventually, I might even progress to full video tutorials if there is enough demand. I’m just going to see how things go.

I will also be posting ‘mini-tuts’ here. They will be bite-size tutorials demonstrating a simple idea or technique. I’m listening to requests, so do comment if there is a technique in particular that you’d like to learn.

This is just the beginning of lots of exciting new content, so if you want to be kept up to date with developments, add your email address to the sign up in the menu at the top of this page.


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