Christmas snowflake cookie ideas that sparkle

It’s a couple of weeks until Christmas day and if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to enjoy all of the wonderful festive treats that come with the season. There’s just nothing better than the smell of spices filling the house and the twinkling lights everywhere.

Gingerbread is a big part of creating the Christmas atmosphere in our house. Every year I can’t resist making a big batch of dough and then turning it into a house or collection of cookies. I always come back to snowflake designs because, for me, they are so beautiful and elegant with their single colour palette.

You can make holes in the cut out dough shapes before baking if you want to hang them on the Christmas tree. Just make the hole quite a bit bigger than you think because it will shrink when baked. Decorate, thread through ribbon, and you have an inexpensive, hand crafted set of tree baubles.

Last year, I had great fun putting together a gingerbread wreath. Together with photographer Helen Jermyn, we did a mini-shoot, hanging the wreath and individual snowflakes from pretty trees in the freezing cold. The wind blew the snowflakes prettily in spirals, which made for a hilarious battle to photograph them all facing the camera. Recommended for indoor use away from the elements!

Helen Jermyn cookie wreath Ceri Olofson

Just cut a cardboard ring and attach the cookies with blobs of royal icing. Let it dry overnight and then hang with a big ribbon. If you want the wreath to be 100% edible, try making the disc out of baked gingerbread!

mini snowflake cookies

If you’re in a hurry but would like to make a handmade gift, then try cutting mini snowflake shapes out of gingerbread dough. Grab a piping bag of royal icing and pipe simple snowflake outlines on alternate cookies. Let them dry completely and then fill a clear cellophane bag with a selection, tying up with a ribbon.

So, I hope that’s inspired you to add some twinkly snowflakes to your Christmas this year!


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