Inspiration to cake: Urban luxe

Inspiration to cake is a new series of posts where I share some of the imagery and ideas that inspired the final cake design.

Today I am starting with my Urban Luxe design as it has been so popular this year already.

Urban Luxe wedding cake by Olofson Design. Photo copyright Anushé Low Photography.

This cake was designed for my new website and so I had the luxury of finding ideas without the constraints of an existing wedding theme.

I just knew that I wanted something a bit edgy, that combined my love of painting and geometrics.

The gorgeous Bottega Veneta dress was my jumping off point. For the geometrics I wanted something that was less symmetrical than you would expect, a bit like the section in this Taigan fabric but with a bit of an art deco feel.

I barely used any special tools on this one. Strips of gumpaste, paintbrushes, food colours, and a roller stitching tool was about it! I love it when cake designs basically use what you have to hand in a ‘normal’ kitchen.


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